Santry Clubmark Award


Congratulations to Santry VC for receiving the Clubmark award!!

Clubmark Programme was introduced by Volleyball Ireland (VI) early this year to support affiliated clubs in Ireland to develop and improve. Santry VC is the first club who participated in this programme and have been awarded and recognised for our achievement in May 2018 at the Volleyball Ireland AGM. 

You were all probably wondering why we have recently been doing "Sitting Volleyball" sessions in our hall. It is because it is part of the programme that we need achievement. Thank you to all who participated! We appreciated your involvement in our club and we hope that you will continue to support us for the club's future. We still have 5 more sessions to complete this and we are aiming to have this in a summer time. More info will be available soon.

Santry VC have changed so many things in the club and improved in so many areas to attract new people (Adult and Junior) and encourage everyone, especially young people, to recognise Santry VC as a volleyball sports club in the local community. As you all can see, the club have recently posted so many achievements, especially about our juniors, and we will continue to develop and grow as a club. Thank you to VI Clubmark Programme.

So what is VI Clubmark Programme?

VI Clubmark Programme is designed to support and develop clubs in various areas. The programme rewards those who meet the minimum standards set and encourages clubs to continually develop. The VI provide support and resources to ensure clubs are on the right track towards accreditation.

Below are the areas that the club will have to meet the minimum standards

  • Effective Management
  • Safety in Sports
  • Quality Assurance and Development
"Our experience with the Clubmark Programme is certainly more than positive! Perfect guidelines that are easy to follow and a lot of material available that helped us to go through the process swiftly and with a minimum effort required. It allowed us to identify gaps and have effective plans in place for further Santry VC club development. A special thank you to Norma for her super guidance and all the hand holding that helped us to achieve results to date. We hope that individuals and Santry VC as a club will grow more in coming years!"

Thank you everyone for all your support!