Santry Volleyball Club

How to join us.

1. Get in touch with us by completing the form in "Contact us" or go to our facebook page to arrange a try out with the team and meet the team coach.

2. If you are happy to join the team, fill up our Membership form and give it to one of the committees or to a team coach on your next training OR you can fill out our online membership form.

3. We will then give you a Club Induction Member's Pack to welcome you in the club. 

4. Pay the above required Club fees.

To play for the league with the club (2 things to follow)

  1. Once you have followed the steps above, you need to register in the Volleyball Ireland as a national player via GoMembership and pay required fees. Link here and just follow the instructions. PLEASE NOTE: If you need a player transfer form, please complete transfer form and submit to VI.
  2. Once you have registered through VI and paid the required fees, you then need to complete an online "Anti-doping" course. Link here to access to the programme. Please sent your "Anti-doping online cert to