Junior Championships 2018


Another achievement to our club and also to our Junior Team! Our U16 and U18 juniors have participated in a day league, U16 and U18 Junior Championships, hosted by Volleyball Ireland (VI) in UCD Sports Centre on 26th of May 2018. 

The day was full of volleyball and full of very talented young people who showed their skills on the day. There was a lot of young players who are new to volleyball competitions (U16) who were exposed, learned and had fun. On the other hand, there was also a lot of young players (U18) who are very talented at a young age and will be more talented as they journey themselves throughout the sports of volleyball.

Although our U16 team did not make it through the semi-final, the team showed a marvellous play as an individual and played fantastic as a new team during the day. It was good to see proud parents, coaches, friends and players when our U16 won their first set that day. 

The images at the side explains it. Priceless moment!

Well done girls!

On the bright side, our U18 competed very well during the day and won all their sets except the game they had vs Loghrea VBC. The two teams meet themselves again in the final and Santry U18 is the one who got into the top and won the cup by 2-0. Great job and well done to our U18 Junior Team! It was an equal level of teams and both are so deserving. Also, well done to Daniella (setter) for winning the MVP award. Congratulations girls!

Thank you to all parents, family and friends for supporting our Junior Team that day.

Santry VC is very proud of you girls! Keep it up!