Great news for our Junior Team (under 18)


Congratulations to our Junior Team! Our Junior Team started last year in the club and they had their first experience playing as a team in a match! Well done girls! 

Our Junior team participated in a championship weekend league on the 24th and 25th of February 2018 in Gormanstown on Saturday and in ALSAA on Sunday. Our Junior team were initially scared playing prior to the date but at the same time were very excited to compete for the first time as a team. Although they didn't do well on the day which was obviously not bad as a first timer, it was a good exposure for the girls and took time for each player to adapt to the proper rules in the court. As the saying says "practice makes perfect". The girls put their hard work to attend and enjoys each training to improve their volleyball skills. Our Junior team is now training twice a week as they are preparing for another competition in April 2018. Good luck girls!

After the weekend, the girls reported to have had an enjoyable fun-full weekend and looking forward for the next junior tournament. The girls spent the weekend to know each other and bonded more as a team. 

Thanks to all the parents and other Santry teams for cheering and supporting the girls that weekend. Also thank you to Denise, our Junior's Team Coach, for making this happen for the girls.

Again, Well done girls!! Keep your love for the Volleyball as your sport! Dream high!