First round of the season 2017/18. Weekend 1 game result


Congratulations to our Premier Women's team for winning their first game of the season against Galway team last Sunday 8th Oct by 3-0 (forfeit win). Going away to Galway, which is more than 2 hrs drive from Dublin, to  compete against the team who won the league 2016/17 last year was a great start for the Premier women. So why forfeit win? Apparently Galway was not ready to provide their proper volleyball equipment during the match day which delayed the actual match time of 30 mins. To have the travel worth for Dublin team, both teams agreed to play a fun game. Despite not keeping scores during the fun game, Santry performed well and played their best shot as individual in the court. If they would have kept scores the entire game or played an actual match, Santry would have won the match that day anyways. Keep up the fighting spirit ladies!

On the other hand, our Div1 Women's ladies traveled to Mayo to play against Mayo VC on a Saturday 7th Oct. The girls played well and fought until the 5th sets. However, Santry team lost on the 5th sets by 15-6. The ladies won the 1st and 2nd set but the Mayo team took over on the 3rd and 4th sets and finally won the match at the 5th set. 20-25, 23-25, 25-19, 27-25, 15-6 Hard luck girls! Fight hard the next game and go for the win.

Unfortunately with our Div 1 Men's team lost their first battle against Galway men's team by 0:3 on a Sunday game. Coming home with one player injured in 1st set and Galway won by forfeit. The guys only had 6 players that day and was very unfortunate to have one player injured and none on substitution. 25-5,25-0,25-0. On the other hand, Div 2 Women lost their fight to Limerick team on the same day by 3-0. 25-9,25-14,25-13.

 Well done team and Keep fighting for the win! Go Santry go!